EP REVIEW: Blood Red Shoes – Ø

Release Date: June 18th 2021
Label: Velveteen Records
Website: www.bloodredshoes.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloodredshoes
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bloodredshoes


Brighton noise rock duo Blood Red Shoes couldn’t wait to get things back on track with the ongoing pandemic. As soon as they were able to, it was all systems go to write and release some new tunes. The result is a new EP, ‘Ø’, only their second in a now 17-year career.

These accomplished musicians may well have had access to some highfalutin production value, but instead they opted for the DIY approach of locking themselves in a room with a bunch of instruments and a microphone to jam out. As a result, this record was able to be written, recorded, and ejected into the real world in just a couple months, making for quite the organic soundscape.

Consistency is key, which is why the instrumental opener harks back to their only other EP release, 2013’s ‘Water’. The fluidity of the lyricless, eerie track is the first indication that even with all paraphernalia stripped aside, the collaboration between Laura May Carter and Steven Ansell is as natural as they come.

‘Misery Loves Company’ is elemental in its harmony, blending the instruments together while still allowing them to shine individually. ‘A Little Love’ takes a grungier turn in keeping with its darker subject matter; Carter, as a self-confessed true crime junkie, just couldn’t resist stepping into a psyche as twisted as the song’s guitar solo outro.

The speedy turnaround for ‘Ø’ is sometimes betrayed by the simplicity of these melodies. A producer may have snipped at the excessive, experimental outro on ‘On The Hook’, and admittedly there is an overindulgence at times in the over layering of vocal effects. However, with a runtime of under 20 minutes, having something new to unpick with every listen does no harm to the replayability.