EP REVIEW: Black Coast – Ill Minds, Vol. I

Release Date: November 9th 2018
Label: Primordial Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackcoastuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/blackcoastuk


Stoke-on-Trent’s Black Coast have made a name for themselves as one of the most hard working bands in the UK metal scene. Their first release came in 2016’s ‘Crows Of The North’ EP, their Lawless single in 2017, and now the first half in a two-part EP release, ‘Ill Minds, Vol. 1’.

In between all of this, they’ve toured with bands such as Stray From The Path and In Hearts Wake, as well as a full tour of Japan, and are lining up the release of ‘Ill Minds, Vol. 2’ for spring next year.

Starting off with the EP’s titular track, we’re hit with a heavy riff that sounds reminiscent of the intro of ‘Loser’ by Beartooth. Drawing inspiration from UK hardcore, their Beartooth-esque sound continues with a slight twang of Malevolence, coupled up with a chorus that holds a grandiose, spacey sound, pulling in the more metalcore inspiration.

‘S.L.Y.’ follows, where we’re greeted with radar-like harmonics being played on the guitar, a snarling bass, and some raging vocals, the perfect kind of start to hype you up. This is definitely one of the more metalcore tracks on the record, especially when you look at the drum breaks where only the drums and the vocals are included. It holds an Of Mice & Men vibe, all before we’re being kicked in the teeth with a roaring Bury Tomorrow-esque chorus.

Later on comes the much more atmospheric ‘Crooked’, which sees a sinister dual between the guitars are somewhat ironically met with the softest, most reverb drenched vocals on the record. It’s an under two minute blast that’s an impressive showcase of the band’s diversity, and acts as a sort of prelude to the following track ‘Mark Of The Bastard’.

Ending the EP is ‘Lash Back’, an onslaught of double bass pedals and driving guitars that will no doubt give you goosebumps with its climaxing on a high, energetic note.

‘Ill Minds, Vol. 1’ is a superb effort from Black Coast, and one that will have you hungry for its second counterpart to follow in the new year.