EP REVIEW: Bad Omens – Live

Release Date: July 22nd 2021
Label: Sumerian Records
Website: www.badomensofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/badomensofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/badomenscult


Get your best headphones and sound systems out for Bad Omens‘ new EP, ‘Live’, because you’ll need them. One minute into this release, it’s already out of question that this could be bad at any point.

First song, ‘Glass Houses’, is taken off the band’s 2016 self-titled record, on which it acts as an intro track just as it does here, but the elevation of quality from the studio version to live is absolutely immense. The same goes for every song that follows. Not only does the band sound like they’ve been doing nothing but rehearse for this specific set, considering how tight it all sounds, but the mixing and production of it all is mind-blowing.

Frontman Noah Sebastian switches criminally smoothly between melodies and guttural screams, and it seems almost impossible that it’s only one person creating these sounds. While most songs quite frankly don’t generally do much other than impress with the quality that they’ve been recorded with, the standout is without a doubt ‘Dethrone’. While ‘The Worst In Me’ and ‘Careful What You Wish For’ lull you in to get comfortable and just enjoy some good old metalcore, ‘Dethrone’ rips you straight back out of it, diving headfirst into the heaviest side of Bad Omens.

‘Live’ is an incredibly impressive collection and presentation of talent and showmanship. Sound engineer Matt Dierkes deserves a huge shout out for the mixing and mastering of the performance, and in doing so managing to create an atmosphere that Bad Omens are playing right in front of you, a vibe that not many live records manage to capture. It’s something that elevates ‘Live’ from being just average to goosebump inducing.