EP REVIEW: August Burns Red – Guardians Sessions

Release Date: April 16th 2021
Label: Fearless Records
Website: www.augustburnsred.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/augustburnsred
Twitter: www.twitter.com/augustburnsred


Offering handful of b-sides, covers, and re-imagined tracks, August Burns Red present ‘Guardians Sessions’. Maintaining the same level of quality that was present on full-length ‘Guardians’, the band have ensured that this EP is not a mismatched collection of tracks.

Opening with the blistering and equally sprawling ‘Standing In The Storm’, groove-filled guitars collide against sweeping melodies as the band navigate the multiple offshoots of metalcore with ease. Relentless in its pace, it does everything that’s expected of the group without feeling stale. The same can be said with following number ‘Icarus’, as lead melodies wrap around Jake Luhrs‘ dynamic vocal performance.

Shoved in the middle of the EP are the covers of Chop Suey!’ (originally by System Of A Down) and the theme of the Westworld TV series, both highlighting how diverse the group can be as well as showing how the choice of a cover can alter the direction of a release. Seamlessly moving from an inspired back and forth vocal delivery, the band step towards shades of acoustic guitars that pepper the theme of Westworld.

Continuing the acoustic theme on closing tracks ‘Paramount (Reprise)’ and ‘Extinct By Instinct (Reprise)’, a softer take on the originals reveals another side to the songs. Whilst ‘Guardians Sessions’ may not be an essential August Burns Red release, it definitely serves as one that fans will adore to indulge.