EP REVIEW: As Everything Unfolds – Closure

Release Date: October 19th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aseverythingunfolds
Twitter: www.twitter.com/aeuofficial


Following up from last year’s ‘Collide’, post-hardcore sextet As Everything Unfolds have expanded on their blueprint for its follow-up EP, ‘Closure’. Taking cues from metal, ambient, and even a little bit of RnB, the High Wycombe outfit have created a collection that detours from the expected route.

’17:10′ starts the proceedings, and within seconds the group have gone from a building synth lead to hammering drums and jagged guitars. The track explains the group in a nutshell, showcasing Jon Cassidy‘s nuanced use of programming, and allowing it to peak when needed alongside the frantic turns taken by guitarists Adam Kerr and Owen Hill.

The track plays with techniques, jumping from octave runs in the chorus before delivering crushing guitars in its bridge. The dynamic shifts are held down thanks to drummer Jamie Gowers and bassist George Hunt by keeping a continuous groove throughout.

After the abrupt end of its predecessor, lead single ‘Despondency’ hurtles through a percussive riff before vocalist Charlie Rolfe brings melody atop the verse’s angular motif. Rolfe‘s performance shifts throughout, from soaring clean lines to seething growls, and with breakneck transitions between the two.

The track plays with expectation by having a riff that’s usually reserved for storming breakdowns take the lead for its second verse. The group wastes no time easing us in as ambient influences encapsulate the bridge before bursting into a delightfully heavy coda.

Both ‘Divided’ and ‘You Will Be’ bring the group’s more pop leaning sensibilities to the forefront, with winding melodies in front of crunching guitars and hurtling drum patterns. By the time closer ‘Centuries’ appears, the group have given you more than expected with no room to spare.

Without question, ‘Closure’ takes the band to the next level and pushes them into the scene with no apologies. Based on this release, an awful lot is soon to unfold for As Everything Unfolds.