EP REVIEW: Arcane Roots – Landslide

Release Date: September 14th 2018
Label: Easy Life Records
Website: www.arcaneroots.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/arcaneroots
Twitter: www.twitter.com/arcaneroots


After twelve incredible years of spoiling us with their progressively masterful post-hardcore music, British trio Arcane Roots have announced that it’s time to close the curtains on this chapter of their careers.

With a swansong tour scheduled in October, they’ve also announced their final release in the shape of this four-track EP, ‘Landslide’. Comprising of a few re-imagined tracks from their last year’s critically-acclaimed full-length, ‘Melancholia Hymns’, and one new eponymous song, the band have explored their electronic characteristics in a more pronounced way than ever before.

As a final chapter in the Arcane Roots canon of work, it commences with a stunning re-working of ‘Before Me (Over)’, with vocalist Andrew Groves‘ familiar soothing delivery full of emotion and strength. This is coupled with guest vocalist Emily Denton, who brings a wonderfully complimentary foil to Groves‘ tone.

Stripping back to the bare bones on ‘Off The Floor (Fade)’, with its stunning electronic backdrop and layered vocals, the pace is turned slightly on ‘Matter (Revel)’, containing a marginally hypnotic atmosphere quite unlike its original incarnation. There’s a clear alternative rock feel throughout, and this is buffed up by a strong harmonising vocal performance, all wrapped up with mountains of synth and electronica samples.

Finally, with the title-track being the only original recording on this EP, it’s endearing to listen to the slowly building introduction giving way to angelic vocals complimented by Adam Burton‘s bass and Jack Wrench‘s drums, which are able to fully flourish for the only time on this release.

One can’t help but wonder where they would have gone had they continued on the ascendant path that they were on. Catch them on their final tour in October to witness this very special band one last time.

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