EP REVIEW: Annotations Of An Autopsy – World Of Sludge

Release Date: May 31st 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aoaaofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/aoaauk


In a comeback that will no doubt generate excitement among fans, this year sees the return of deathcore stalwarts, Annotations Of An Autopsy.

Having originally split up in 2013, the band confirmed that they’ll be returning last year, and their brand new EP, ‘World Of Sludge’ is the first offering since 2011’s ‘Dark Days’.

It’s easy to know what we’re in for straight away with the opener and title-track, which features hard-hitting riffs, mosh calls, and well-timed breakdowns taking centre stage, as well as Steve Regan‘s low-range growls and gurgled vocals.

As well as this, the more intricate parts of this EP slowly but surely reveal themselves upon further listens, with the subtly technical riffing and drumming on show being a reminder of why Annotations Of An Autopsy are so well-regarded in their field.

‘Killing The Industry’ is the strongest cut on offer here, with slightly black metal guitar lines making an appearance and providing another element to their sound. ‘Stomped To Death’ is another highlight, driven largely by the pummelling double-kick pedal of drummer Neil Hayward and the sludgy breakdown at the end finishes the song off on a high note.

However, even if Annotations Of An Autopsy are one of the more engaging bands of their ilk, a track such as ‘Too Weak To Fuck With Me’ has a slightly off-putting air of bravado about it, and ‘Murder’ generally feels a little hackneyed. Still, there’s also the guest appearance of Street Soldier vocalist Scotty Hall to deliver a rapped section, which definitely helps to up the ante on the latter song.

Combining all the elements from their original run as a band, Annotations Of An Autopsy have come back with an EP that will no doubt be a hit for long-term fans of the band, with ‘World Of Sludge’ showcasing their solid grasp of both the more technical and linear aspects of their sound.