EP REVIEW: Amarionette – Evolution

Release Date: August 23rd 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/amarionetteofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/amaribandlv


It can often be a little difficult for bands to make a comeback when the original line-up gets changed or the music takes a new direction, but it couldn’t be anymore different for Las Vegas’ Amarionette on their ‘Evolution’ EP.

Opener ‘In Control’ sets the tone for the whole record perfectly. Their dabbling with 80s synth-pop route instantly makes you want to get up and dance, whilst instrumentally the song still hones in on a rockier sound that the band have been known for in their earlier days as a post-hardcore outfit.

Already established fans will notice two older tracks that have been reworked, rehashed, and reborn with much smoother production for this new era, and with new frontman Spencer Berry‘s pipes too. ‘Modern Life II’ is one of the band’s most popular tracks presented as a new model, and ‘So Much Better II’ lives up to its name in its resurrection.

Standing out as the best song on offer, however, is ‘B.Nasty’, which also features some guest vocals from Andrés Aparicio (ex-Terra Alive). The chorus is infectiously catchy, and you’ll soon find yourself singing along with its unusual take on a love song. “I know you just want me to fertilise your eggs”, you’ll find muttering those somewhat romantic lyrics to yourself all day.

For a band who are notorious for producing regular EPs as oppose to full-lengths, ‘Evolution’ stands out as one of their best releases to date, and truly sees them evolve into a funk rock sound from their post-hardcore youth without compromising on quality and stability.

How Amarionette haven’t quite broke out yet is somewhat of a mystery, but ‘Evolution’ could easily be the first notable stepping stone to make that happen.