EP REVIEW: Against The Current – Fever

Release Date: July 23rd 2021
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Website: www.atcofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/againstthecurrentband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/atc_band


Poughkeepsie pop-rockers Against The Current have gone from strength-to-strength since their formation back in 2011. Now a decade later, the trio are ready to embark into their next era with their ‘Fever’ EP.

Opener ‘That Won’t Save Us’ introduces us perfectly as to what to expect from the band this time round. Considering it’s been three years since their sophomore album, ‘Past Lives’, it’s no surprise that their sound has done some serious growing up. The track delves into their darker side, offering up an electronic rock sound that transcends its way throughout ‘Fever’.

One thing that remains constant from Against The Current is their ability to pen some impressive lyrics. ‘Again&Again’ centres around the premise of being stuck inside your own head, with the same thoughts constantly resurfacing. This is impeccably executed using repetition in the lyrics to verbally paint the picture of what it’s like being trapped inside vocalist Chrissy Costanza‘s own head, a topic that we’ve seen her visit in the past with their 2018 single, ‘Voices’.

Although ‘Fever’ is an outlet to showcase their new direction, both ‘Jump’ and ‘Burn It Down’ both make subtle nods to their previous works. Whilst the former is an epic pop-rock anthem that will no doubt be an absolute crowd pleaser, the latter reins the electro-rock right back and brings a fun, melodic pop track that long-standing fans will greatly appreciate.

Standout ‘Weapon’ invites us into a vulnerable part of Costanza‘s life. The track delves into a time when she was self-destructive and was burning bridges throughout all her relationships, once again all incredibly portrayed throughout her lyrics “All I am is a weapon / I shoot ’em down ’til I end up alone”. This theme of destruction paves its way throughout the entirety of the record, and is a credit to how much the band are happy to expose in the name of art.

Offering up a more contemporary vibe, ‘Shatter’ could sit comfortably in any mainstream chart, reminiscent of Halsey in the delicate storytelling whilst also showcasing how Costanza‘s vocals are only getting better.

‘Lullaby’ is an anthemic gem to close the record. The track is their heaviest to date, which comes as no surprise as it was co-written alongside Jordan Fish and Oliver Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon). It completely raises the bar as to what this band have to offer, and gives us insight into a direction which would be great to see them dig deeper into with future works.

‘Fever’ is an exceptional introduction as to what we can hopefully expect from album three. It blends familiarity with newness to the point where you’re left wanting more, and if this is anything to go by, Against The Current are surely only going to keep getting better and better.