EP REVIEW: Acrania – Tyrannical Hierarchy, Vol. 1

Release Date: November 23rd 2018
Label: Unique Leader Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/acraniauk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/acraniauk


Discussing political ideals in music has been around since the punk era when rebellious acts such as the Sex Pistols incited a general uprising from the alternative populous against mainstream living.

The imposition still remains but has taken on different forms, including the extremes of death metal where Acrania have chosen to spread their message in their ‘Tyrannical Hierarchy, Vol. 1’ EP.

Excreting tyrannical terror, ‘Scopolamine’ launches with a blood curdling assault, giving the first hint that no holds are barred with guttural vocals and open demonic guitars. The ensuing chaos is ramped up to speed metal regime in ‘Gagged With Propaganda’, with added intensity from deeper and darker vocalisations from Luke Griffin echoing into visceral confrontation.

Both ‘Exterminate The Liberated’ and ‘The Face Of Humanity’ showcase the dexterity of the band, blending hardcore elements with straight up thrash and speed metal in equal measure ensuring a dramatic yet continuos onslaught of aggression.

Rather than sticking to a monotone regiment of singular screams, the vocalisations are varied between the lowest possible guttural rumblings up to high-screeching animalistic screams that would terrify any unconditioned listener.

As what is expected to be only a brief return, due to Acrania parting ways back in 2015 but agreeing to return to complete a promised final EP, ‘Tyrannical Hierarchy, Vol. 1’ ensure that if this is the signal of finality, then it’s a terrifyingly terrific one.