EP REVIEW: A Foreign Affair – A Foreign Affair

Release Date: December 11th 2020
Label: We Are Triumphant
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aforeignaffairband
Twitter: None available


A Foreign Affair are a group that sit between genres, blurring the lines of pop, rock, and electronica simultaneously. That being said, with their debut release, the quintet aim to expand on the promise shown by their previous output.

Leaning on smooth chords and the soulful vocals of Alex Strobaugh, ‘Dark’ opens the EP on a subdued note. Gently pushing the momentum, the track sways and flows throughout, relying more on nuance and tight spacing as opposed to a bombastic introduction. A bold move on A Foreign Affair‘s part, the track pulls it off, mainly due to the strength of vocal delivery.

The same can be said for ‘IDWF (I Don’t Wanna Fight)’, leaning heavily on Strobaugh‘s performance and atmospheric textures to push the song forward. Accompanied by a funky bass line and a strong hook, the track could easily find a home just as much with commercial pop as alternative rock.

Surprisingly enough, ‘Cursed’ looks to follow the band’s blueprint before embracing an electronic driven chorus, as jittering percussion meets floating synth lines to elevate the track. Whilst still retaining the core sound of the group, the song helps the EP from becoming one note.

The same can be said for ‘Oxygen’, as broody guitars and tight verses work as an opposing entity to the lush choruses. Ultimately, the track still leans in to Stombaugh‘s vocal hooks and employs a minimal structure, ‘Oxygen’ still manages to throws enough deviations to keep things interesting.

A safe run through of their sound, A Foreign Affair‘s self-tilted EP delivers a solid introduction of the group, but ultimately it stays at the same level. That being said, with talent and craftmanship clearly on show, A Foreign Affair have the ability to expand their horizons.

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