EP REVIEW: ’68 – Love Is Ain’t Dead

Release Date: September 4th 2020
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Website: www.theyare68.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theyare68
Twitter: www.twitter.com/theyare68


Following on from the critically acclaimed ‘Two Parts Viper’, noise rock duo ’68 have returned with ‘Love Is Ain’t Dead’.

Continuing to delve deeper into distorted melodies and sludgy grooves, the record continues to cement the disruptive and frantic take on blues that the duo has become known for.

Roaring to life with ‘Bad Bad Lambo’, growling bass lines sit underneath Josh Scogin‘s howling vocals. Fighting between bursts of distorted guitars and Nikko Yamada‘s jittery drum work, it plays with hardcore punk tropes whilst flirting with glitched samples and industrial hallmarks. As expected with the electric duo, the track moves between various influences on a whim and without regard.

Following on from the industrial tempered ‘Bad Bad Lambo’, ‘The Lesser Of Two Upheavals’ takes on grunge with a raw and white-eyed fury. Held together by a sledgehammer drum beat, schizophrenic vocals sit atop walls of distortion and ominous feedback respectively. Yet again, untethered by genre, ’68 explore various soundscapes with a skewered lens.

After flirting with psychedelic rock with a bombastic cover of David Essex‘s ‘Rock On’, ’68 close the record with ‘Nervous Passenger’. Slivering through crashing drums, assorted fuzz tones, and swinging melodies, Scogin and Yamada deliver a frenetic collage of punk, shoegaze, blues, and art rock with ease.

Serving as a snapshot between full-length releases, ‘Love Is Ain’t Dead’ sees the duo continue to refine a style that is distinctly their own. Filled with nuances and resting on a foundation of urgent energy, ’68 have created a direct and raw collection of tracks.