EP: Proceed – Curious Electric

Release Date: May 31st, 2010
Label: Proceed Records/MudHut
Website: www.proceed-online.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/proceed


In the post-hardcore scene recently, screaming has started to slowly been drawn out of certain bands who once did it, focusing more upon the cleans and melodies of a song instead of agression and intensity. Emarosa have had great success in this move, and Proceed have decided to take the exact same steps with their new 7-track EP, ‘Curious Electric’.

Gone are the conventional screamed verse and clean chorus of ‘Seven Months And A Fire Blanket’, reinventing Proceed as a more refined and mature group. ‘Curious Electric’ is very electric record indeed, and the disposal of any harsh vocals at all has helped bring forward many elements of the band which were at times diminished and overshadowed. Dan Lancaster‘s voice is beautiful and sharp, and sticks him out as one of the best vocalists in the band’s current scene, most notably in ‘Melancholy Monday’ and closer ‘A Pointless Voyage’. Ash Hughes‘ work on the fretboard is something to take note of too, and he manages to create slow picked melodies and soaring fast riffs in ‘Nightshift’.

This move and change in sound and style has paid off greatly for Proceed. They sound better, tighter and strong than in any of their previous releases, and shows promise that in the near future something big might come their way.

Written by Zach Redrup