EP: Press To Meco – Affinity

Release Date: May 27th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.presstomeco.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/presstomecouk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/presstomecouk


Up until now, Press To Meco only had their self-titled EP to go off, but now with the release of follow-up ‘Affinity’, we’re finally shown a bit of Press To Meco and then some to finally get to grips with the trio and what they’re all about.

The band stands out by introducing melodic clean vocals with a heavy instrumental backdrop. It’s a great thing to have when you can effortlessly mix them two things together; it brings good diversity and helps introduce this music to a new audience. Although, some people find this quite controversial, because people who listen to metal treat the genre as something that’s their own and they don’t want people who aren’t your stereotypical listeners of metal.

‘Affinity’ shows exactly what this band is capable and how they’re ones to watch out for, because they’re climbing that ladder and will rise out and there’ll be no stopping them. First on the tracklist is the album’s title-track, a song that’s bursting with huge riffs, some catchy melodies and it just gives you a little taste of what the whole release has in store for the audience.

Lead singer Luke Caley has very powerful vocals, which stand out on the EP, and then some strong backing vocals and harmonies that compliment well. ‘Wasting Time’ is another vocal success, with a chorus you can sing along with, with no problems and melodies to lose yourself in.

‘Honestly’ takes the pace down a little bit through the verses. It remains a fairly upbeat natured song on the choruses, but sometimes the song really grabs your attention and you can tell they’ve given it all they have when created this song. The verses also have a sort of Don Broco vibe to it. ‘Tired Bones’ is pretty similar to ‘Honestly’ in the sense that it is quite chilled and then all of a sudden it picks up, and it’s quite a quirky toe tapping song.

If you go off this release and this release only, Press To Meco have both the ability and the enthusiasm to make it far. They can start preparing for a busy and successful future.

Written by Lauryn Paige