EP: Phoenix Calling – Waves

Release Date: January 20th, 2014
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/phoenixcalling
Twitter: www.twitter.com/phoenix_calling


Imagine the likes of Mallory Knox or Don Broco. Now, imagine those bands without that special cutting edge that makes them stand out. That’s pretty much Phoenix Calling. Those might be some pretty harsh comparisons to put on a new band, but that’s the incredibly high standard they’re up against in the current landscape of British pop-rock.

That’s not to say that there isn’t some serious potential here, though, because across the four tracks of their debut EP, ‘Waves’, there are some serious signs that these guys might just nail it in the near future. Opener, ‘Everybody Knows’, explodes into life and, while that track doesn’t maintain the high tempo that would’ve probably served it best, there’s more than a few moments across the following tracks where Phoenix Calling prove that they know how to make an impact when they want to.

The record’s biggest highlight, though, is when they really step it up a notch for EP closer, ‘Bring The Roof Down’ (although, they lose some points for how cheesy that title is). This is the one track on the record where the early intensity is maintained for the entire duration, taking their foot off the gas only at the moments where it really makes sense to. This is their A-game and, while it’s not flawless, if they can bring that for more than just one track on their next offering, we’ll have some serious contenders on our hands.

They’re quite some way from being the finished product, but ‘Waves’ isn’t a bad first effort by any means.

Written by Ryan De Freitas

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