EP: Patent Pending – Armageddon

Release Date: July 31st 2015
Label: Rude Records
Website: www.patentpendingmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/patentpendingmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ptpgofficial


In a world saturated with a new brand of aggressive pop-punk, Patent Pending‘s upbeat and fun take on the genre is a breath of fresh air. Their tours with chums Bowling For Soup have seen them gradually gather a decent following, and the UK is starting to see them grow into club venues on their own premise. The happy-go-lucky band’s hard work has finally triumphed with a major record deal with Rude Records under their belt which starts with their ‘Armageddon’ EP, a smart 5-track mini-album for fans of the lighter side of life.

Opener ‘Too Much To Think’ isn’t just a broken record relying on the play on words about drinking. It’s got groovy head bopping melodies and cheerleader gang vocals that even mimic ‘Be Aggressive’ by Faith No More; a bunch of English city names thrown into the mix and Patent Pending‘s love affair with Britain is clearly perfectly on track. ‘We’re Getting Weird’ does exactly that and, although it sounds like the PokéRap at times, it’s difficult to not get caught up in the offbeat fun of Jurassic Park references and making fun of Drake.

Patent Pending are a great band to pull out for the hot summer days, and the perfect alternative to Neck Deep and The Wonder Years if you’re more into Zebrahead. ‘Armageddon’ is the latest in a very long string of EPs, but may just be the best music to come from the Long Island band yet and, even though their sense of humour hasn’t gone anywhere, the more serious ‘Brighter’ is a great pop-punk song and shows what Patent Pending can do with a different perspective. Enjoy this while the sun roars out to get the full effect, and get ready to pull it out in 12 months time, too.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)