EP: Paint The Sky – Synchronicity

Release Date: July 22nd, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.paintthesky.co.uk
MySpace: None available


When given a new band to review, I like to do a quick bit of research, just so I can get a brief idea of what the band is like. After a quick Google search, the words that seem to be associated the most with Paint The Sky were ‘crabcore’, ‘ambient’ and ‘hardcore’. I also learnt that the frontman was called ‘Cunt Clarke’ (it’s actually Cam Clarke. Immediately, I thought “Ahh, it’s gonna be one of those bands”.

Expecting something between Asking Alexandria and a poor man’s version of Devil Sold His Soul, I was pleasantly surprised when I actually sat down and listened to ‘Synchronicity’. The second it drops into the release’s title-track, you can’t help but nod your head as the strangely beautiful build-up progresses until it launches into a powerful Architects-esque riff.

After a few listens, you’ll notice that their song ‘One Day, I’ll Sleep In A Pyramid’ sounds rather familiar to Enter Shikari‘s popular hit, ‘Mothership’. Having said that, it’s very difficult to make a song these days which doesn’t sound like someone else’s. It’s still a bloody good song though, and one of the best on offer on the EP. As a whole, the ‘Synchronicity’ is pretty damn good; dark guitar riffs, a punishing drum beats coupled with fairly powerful growls is a winning sound in anyone’s book. Plus, they have just the right amounts of ambient presence in each song. There’s none of that over-the-top electro-pop shit, the kind you find in Attack Attack!‘s ‘Stick Sickly’, or most of their remaining catalogue for that matter.

However, after a while, the glass in your head breaks (like in that episode of How I Met Your Mother). As good as Clark‘s growls are, his cleans need work as they surely enough begin to grate. Sounding like he’s singing with a blocked nose, his voice can be a tad weak in places, similar to the warbley vocals of early Atreyu or Finch. But this is just one small flaw what is a great EP. His voice will get stronger over time and hey, he has a far better singing voice than I do, and has actually got the balls to go out there and do something he loves.

Think of Paint The Sky as a toned-down and way more likeable version of Asking Alexandria, with none of the auto-tuned, synthy vocal crap. For fans of the post-hardcore scene, give this EP a listen, it may be your next favourite band. Also, here’s a bit of random plugging for the site, you can find Paint The Sky‘s track ‘Broadcast For The Blind’ on the DEAD PRESS! compilation album ‘Building Blocks Compilation: Volume One’. ‘Synchronicity’ is a valiant attempt at the band’s debut release into their career, and they have definitely done themselves proud.

Written by Andy Roberts