EP: Neck Deep – A History Of Bad Decisions

Release Date: February 19th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/neckdeepuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/neckdeepuk


After almost exactly a year on the scene, Wrexham pop-punk outfit Neck Deep are back to blow us away with their latest EP, ‘A History Of Bad Decisions’; a short, snappy, gripping EP homing in with 3 songs, following on from last September’s ‘Rain In July’ mini-release. Although not a sonically different effort, staying to the same style as their previous work it provides a fine-tuned sound it brings with it a new sense of maturity and skill.

Opening track, ‘Up In Smoke’, carries on with the same upbeat style of where the band left off, with a very similar lyrical front. True to the pop-punk vein, it tackles the problems that seemingly every pop-punk band/fan goes through: loneliness, sadness and inadequacy. ‘Tables Turned’ takes a slightly different approach, bouncing to a much more melodic flow with more prominent drums and rocky guitar tones. It’s kind of like pop-punk injected with a shot of Red Bull, pulling in influences from pop-punk greats, New Found Glory.

Closer, ‘Head To The Ground’ takes on the role as the more down-beat, reflective songs on the EP, more of the put-down lyrics and sorrowful tone throughout. Despite this, it proves to be one of the more catchy songs, throwing it vocal hooks and relentless backing from the band.

Although a very short release from Neck Deep, it comes with sincere promise for the future of Wrexham quintet. Proving that they’re not a band to sit back and watch the world float by, they’re giving it all they’ve got, although this comes across in a very negative way in their lyrics, documenting the more depressive, unconfident, side of the band. Alas, I suppose that is the way pop-punk goes.

Written by Laurence Kellett

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