EP: My Adorable – Resurrection Frequency

Release Date: January 12th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.myadorable.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/myadorable
Twitter: www.twitter.com/myadorable1311


There’s a tried and tested formula in the post-hardcore genre that has proved to be quite successful. This would be having a mix of rough, screaming vocals and cleaner, melodic singing vocals, generally provided by two band members as in the case of Alexisonfire or just one as in Silverstein to use two well-known examples. So, it’s understandable that upcoming bands would try and emulate this in the hope of the same levels of success, which is what newcomers My Adorable provide on their latest effort, ‘Resurrection Frequency’, which has a dark and haunting vibe throughout.

Starting things off is ‘Frequency I – Through A Glass Darkly’, an instrumental track which sets the tone of the EP as the intermittant guitar work and a deep recorded voice growling about beating the system provides a haunting atmosphere. That said, it’s still disappointing when an EP features instrumental tracks as its one less track to show what a band can do when they only have a limited number of tries. ‘Sleepwalker 13:11’ kicks off with fast-paced drumming before the screeching of vocalist P.B. tears through and steadily shifts to the clean vocals, sounding somewhat similar to Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. This works well to provide a solid song and a chorus that can be difficult to get out of your head which finally grabs the listener, making them pay strict attention.

Something that is unfortunate is that there are two more instrumental tracks, ‘Frequency II – In Medias Res’ and ‘Frequency III – Memento Del Futuro’, which features Meloni Mitchell talking about death, which will no doubt please those eager to stereotype any form of alternative music as convincing small teenage children to cut themselves. These two songs last for a combined time of less than two minutes, which seems rather pointless when they cut the EP down to having only 4 songs showing all band members at their full potential.

Luckily for My Adorable, they do seem to be able to write good music when they aren’t over saturating things with medicore instrumentals. They start the songs up fast and tear through them, keeping the listener on edge as shown on ‘Frequently Forgotton Questions’ and ‘Forever Ends Today’, both featuring some impressive guitar work from K.G. and M.B. But, that said the chorus of ‘Your Darkest Makeup’ noticeably needs more pace as the song progresses, shedding signs of weakness.

On the whole, My Adorable show that they have the ability to do well. The songs on this EP are good, but it’s a shame there’s only 4 that could be released. The cleaner vocals of P.B. are impressive, though the rougher ones become a little screechy at times and takes away from the performance. If this is worked upon with their follow-up, then this band could have a bright future ahead of them in a genre that’s difficult to get a foothold in.

Written by Jonathon Barlow