EP: MC Lars – The Edgar Allan Poe EP

Release Date: May 28th, 2012
Label: Horris Records
Website: www.mclars.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mclars
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mclars


For those of you not in the know, not only is MC Lars an exceptional DIY musician, but he is also a phenomenally clever guy. He has a BA in American Literature and is planning on doing a Masters and a PHD in his field. I mean, he studied at Corpus Christi College in Oxford for Christ’s sake. So, I can safely say that he knows what he’s talking about.

Funded by kickstarter, ‘The Edgar Allen Poe EP’ is the first of three literary EPs (the other two are going to be about Shakespeare and Herman Melville, I think). I met up with Lars a while back and we talked about Poe for a little while. I learned a lot about Poe and why he admires him so much. Lars told me that both poetry and rap are based on rhythm, hence why his songs work so well.

Anyway, about the EP. Most MC Lars fans are familiar with the epic song that is ‘Mr. Raven’, well, this EP contains a remastered version with more of a rock feel to it which is easily on par with the original. Opener ‘Flow Like Poe’ will blow you away, with a string quartet in the background and Lars rapping about the ins and outs of rhythmic devices. I felt like a scholar just listening to it.

Other tracks talk about Poe’s other work, such as ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ (Named ‘The Tell-Tale <3' on the EP) and ‘Lenore’; a love poem about the death of a beautiful woman. ‘Lenore (I Miss You)’ talks about Poe and his relationships with the all women in his life. Listening to it, you can tell how much Lars looks up to Poe and just how well read he is. Admittedly, some songs aren’t as strong as others (for example ‘(Rock) The Bells’), but this is true for almost any EP.

For anyone who enjoys reading or enjoys studying literature of any kind, you should check this out. Not only is it an amazing collection of songs, but you’ll also learn something as you listen to them. I know the phrase ‘making learning fun’ grates on the ears like finger nails on a chalkboard, but I for one cannot wait to hear the next two Lit-Hop EPs and learn about some more great authors.

Lars has outdone himself with this EP. I mean, he rapped about things he enjoyed before, such as Sci-Fi and social themes, but this is something close to his heart and it really shows. Go get this EP, you will not be disappointed.

Written by Andy Roberts