EP: Marmozets – Marmozets

Release Date: June 26th, 2014
Label: Roadrunner Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marmozets
Twitter: www.twitter.com/marmozets


Young five-piece Marmozets are making a steadily deeper impression on the UK rock scene, doing so as a fundamentally individual band. It’s a true novelty with a female fronted band that there aren’t tons of immediate comparisons to choose between, which is what makes Marmozets an even more impressive prospect. This band’s self-titled and free-to-download release follows up their previous record ‘Vexed’, which in 2012 saw them receive some much due attention. Hopefully, this short EP of singles will only strengthen this further.

Opener ‘Born Young And Free’ has a typically chaotic introduction before the dominating presence of Becca McIntyre‘s vocals command attention and establish the band’s unique style. In a similar style, closer ‘Move Shake Hide’ sees the band at their most raucous, continuing to establish themselves as a group that have their own direction and offer something a lot more different than the majority of musicians out there, which can only work in Marmozets‘ favour.

‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ shows the progression of this band, including some clean vocals from McIntyre which were few and far between in previous releases. This is only further cemented by new single ‘Captivate You’, which stands out as a new approach to their music and only features a minimal screaming from the front woman, but still keeps in with Marmozets‘ unique sound, enabling the band’s impressive song writing ability to take focus rather than the sheer fury of their sound taking centre stage.

This self-titled release sees a more confident Marmozets more willing to showcase McIntyre’s vocal ability as a singer, not just a screamer and it bolsters their position as brilliantly chaotic musicians. It’s no secret that Marmozets have a bright future ahead of them, and this EP is just a step on their path. This band are doing incredibly well and they will be storming to success before long.

Written by Jonathon Barlow