EP: Malefice – Gravitas

Release Date: November 3rd, 2014
Label: Transcend Music
Website: www.maleficeuk.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/maleficeofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/maleficeband


Malefice are the band that you really want to love. The metalcore quintet have been going since 2003, and they constantly seem to be on the edge of a major success. Now on their fourth record label (Transcend Music), they’ve recorded a short EP called ‘Gravitas’. Have they at long last finally found their niche?

The Reading lads have had a few different styles throughout their career; deathcore, melodic hardcore, melodic metalcore, and straight up thrash metal. Of course, it’s all the same to the untrained ear, but it should be noted that ‘Gravitas’ is another update in direction. 2013’s ‘V’ was largely disappointing, taking a Bring Me The Horizon approach in places and losing a lot of the band’s token ferocity. ‘Gravitas’, however, is a step back to their roots, swapping trendy singalong choruses for beating metallic rhythms.

‘Forsaken’ begins the initial approach, and it’s obvious from the off that Malefice are a band who are fed up with coming second and who want to command the empire that has so often eluded them. It’s darker, it’s heavier, but it’s still undeniably Malefice. ‘Heroes’ has to be the standout track, with a clean sung chorus that isn’t cheesy or sleazy. Rather, it sticks in your head and is a solid shout for your workout playlist.

‘Escape’ and ‘My Design’ are the other two cuts from ‘Gravitas’. They’re less memorable, sure, but both easily hold their own amongst an ever saturated scene of Bullet For My Valentine wannabes and Killswitch Engage worship.

It would be easy to criticise Malefice for chopping and changing their tune so often, but instead this reviewer applauds them for consistently attempting to find a home. They haven’t stagnated, they’ve remained fresh, and it’s damn time they get their fucking comeuppance for it.

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)