EP: Look Alive – Mistakes & Milestones

Release Date: July 2nd, 2013
Label: Autumn + Colour Records
Website: www.lookaliveatl.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lookaliveatl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lookaliveatl


Sometimes an opinion on music can be greatly influenced by your circumstances and surroundings when you first hear it, in the same way you’re going to find yourself connecting far more to Brand New‘s ‘Your Favourite Weapon’ if you’ve just been through a break up, or that last Bullet For My Valentine album if you’re a complete moron. It’s pretty damn impossible not to take a bit more of a shine to pop-punk when the sun is at it’s sunniest. With that in mind, Look Alive have absolutely nailed the release date on their debut EP, ‘Mistakes & Milestones’.

Apart from a pretty laboured intro (one that definitely seems a case of “I’ve got a nice chord progression but nowhere to put it”), the entire affair is a rousing one, with call-to-arms-esque hooks sandwiched between impassioned verses and perfectly chantable melodies. Give this a listen and you’ll be humming and “woah-oh”ing along in no time.

To say that it can sound a bit like genre big guns The Wonder Years and The Story So Far at times would be a huge understatement, but if there was anyone to take a cue from in contemporary pop-punk then it’s undoubtedly those guys.

They certainly do still have a fair bit of ground to make up on their sound-alikes (they don’t quite have that one sticking point that, for example, TWY have with the unimitable honesty displayed on their records), but it’s undeniable that Look Alive have a serious penchant for a tune and if they can do that little bit more to set themselves apart on the next release, they could be real contenders.

Written by Ryan De Freitas