EP: Lock & Key – The Divide

Release Date: September 1st, 2014
Label: Small Town Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lockandkeyhc
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lockandkeyhc


Serving up a rib caving lesson in fiercely metallic hardcore stomp, newcoming Midlands flag bearers Lock & Key have undeniably, even less than a year since their inception, taken vast strides towards the big time. A few well received singles may have inflamed interest somewhat, yet the arrival of debut EP ‘The Divide’ upholds the band’s white hot potential with jugular grasping intensity and a decidedly versatile approach.

A marriage of American Nightmare-esque rollicking and a thoroughly modern sense of mechanical rhythmic clout, the depth charge breakdowns and call-to-arms lyrical refrains tick all the contemporary boxes. Yet, Lock & Key manage to side swerve cliche with a smattering of dynamic curveballs, which ensure a sound both concrete heavy and abrasively infectious.

The venomous thrash of curtain raiser ‘Down But Not Out’ boots off at a flash fire pace, immediately divulging the band’s penchant for metal clamour, whereas a liberal dose of six-string melody and sumptuous lead line potency (‘Things Stay The Same’) maintain a elegantly emotive backbone to the chest beating hardcore blows.

Wildly innovative it’s not, yet the songs here, as brimming with instrumental savagery and pit anthem bounce (‘The Border’) as they are, encapsulate all the wide-eyed clout and heart exposed sincerity continuing to strike a chord with hardcores immeasurable devotees. As a glimpse of things to come, ‘The Divide’ is a mouth-wateringly first effort from a band who, on this evidence, can rather easily scale the top tier of the UK’s already sterling scene.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)