EP: Loathe – Prepare Consume Proceed

Release Date: July 8th 2016
Label: SharpTone Records
Website: www.loatheasone.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/loatheasone
Twitter: www.twitter.com/loatheasone


Debut EPs are intriguing releases; from this small sample of first songs, you can see a trove of ideas and potential directions. New and enigmatic UK outfit Loathe‘s ‘Prepare Consume Proceed’ is practically bursting with both.

In 19 minutes, this debut effort takes you through a lot more than some would come to expect. It walks the line of technical metal and metalcore whilst launching more tricks from its bottomless pocket than an animaniac. Some may claim to know where this band are going after the first two tracks, but then single ‘In Death’ throws a huge clean vocal line at you, opening up even more possibilities for the band. It’s also a record that does take a few more listens to truly appreciate some of the intricate Periphery-esque guitar licks in between Emmure level chugs.

With this many ideas, the band generates a broad width of appeal. This EP could easily attract fans of Issues and other bands in that world’s heavier end, as well as those into the UK tech metal underground.

However, some more ideas could be used in certain places; the rhythm section often reverts to a standard paced chug, which can get very samey very quickly. Also, lyrically, a change from the constant dialogue of a tortured mind would be more interesting. Apparently there’s a underlying concept to all of this, but all you can really get from it is that the protagonist is angry at people and himself. Who isn’t, buddy?

Overall, not a bad release. The building blocks for the rest of this band’s career have been laid down, and they could fall, but with this EP you can see potential for Loathe to become monuments.

Written by Jack King (@Jackingy)