EP: Lights – Lights.Acoustic

Release Date: July 20th, 2010
Label: Underground Operations
Website: www.iamlights.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/lights


We probably all best know Lights (and that’s her legal name now) for her electo-poppin’ bubbliness with tracks like ‘Ice’, ‘Second Go’ and ‘Savior’ almost sweet and chirpy enough to even give cavities to your cavities. Take a step back though and listen to her songs free from eletronics and studio magic, straight down to the core essentials and you’ll notice in ‘Lights.Acoustic’ that there’s a little more on offer from the Canadian starlet than you may be aware of.

Stripped down (and we’re talking musically, though undoubtedly many male adorers out there would hope for something different), album songs like ‘River’ and ‘Saviour’ are just as inviting, and arguably more real in their basic acoustic form than they are in an electronic package.

The main thing that comes on show more than before though is Lights‘ near angelic vocals. On previous studio outings, notably her self-titled EP and debut full-length ‘The Listening’, her vocals were more than capable to enter territories of whiny and only endurable in short sessions. With all bared though it seems a bit of studio production may be the criminal behind such controversies, as acoustically she shines through with strengths hard to find beforehand.

Acoustically Lights reveals new dimensions and strengths that were once concealed, and if not convinced before she should be given an extra chance with ‘Lights.Acoustic’ with her full potential. With many tricks up her arsenal, who knows what will come next from the young Canadian electro princess.

Written by Zach Redrup