EP: Lantern For A Gale – Lands More Hostile

Release Date: April 15th, 2012
Label: Savour Your Scene Records
Website: www.lanternforagale.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lanternforagale
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lanternforagale


As the first track kicks in to this five track EP from Irish melodic hardcore band Lantern For A Gale, it’s easy to judge. Are they just your bog standard hardcore band? Some bands can slip easily into the ‘samey’ category of this genre and are easily forgettable. So, what do these guys own that crowns them to have ‘the edge’ as it were? Two and a half minutes into first track ‘As We Sleep’ is your answer. An unexpected awesome guitar part is unleashed into your stereo that quite literally leaks with emotion. This is such a welcomed rare trait in this genre of music.

Each track then after is exactly the same, so much emotion and anger bleed from these tracks it is almost impossible not to be hooked and intrigued by every one of them. An album that owns so much unpredictability is easily set to be a success. We can only imagine that live these tracks are utterly mind blowing.

Stand-out tracks by far are obviously opener as we mentioned earlier ‘As We Sleep’ and track four, ‘Diabolum’. It really is so interesting to hear a different side to this style of music, not a hectic headache type track in sight. Simple and effective riffs and exiting vocals sliced all over it.

Give this EP a chance, stop yourself from stereotyping hardcore music, lie back and take it all in.

Written by Steph Knight