EP: KoJi – Fury

Release Date: June 16th 2015
Record Label: No Sleep Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kojimusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kojisaysaloha


Political activist and punk artist KoJi has been away from the music scene for a while with his last official release, ‘Matters’, an EP that followed-up his last full-length effort, ‘Crooked In My Mind’. Now, in 2015, KoJi is back with another EP, ‘Fury’. It’s a short release at only 4 tracks long, but it’s enough to make a lasting impression and bring KoJi back onto the music scene.

Opening the EP is the title-track which, with a relatively laid back vocal performance complimented by a nice guitar rhythm and some poignant lyrics, makes for a great introduction to the record. Picking up the pace a little bit but with some catchier guitar work is later number ‘Everyday’ with the drum work setting the pace on the chorus making it stand out, which is crucial on records of a more laidback nature.

Returning to the slower pace is ‘Breaking And Broken’, keeping up with the consistently solid performances across the record with a powerful message in the lyrics, as tends to be the focal point for KoJi‘s work. Closing the record is final track ‘Question’, which brings the record to a solid close, but really makes the point that it becomes hard to distinguish between the tracks across ‘Fury’.

Whilst ‘Fury’ has 4 solid performances on it, they all sound very similar and there the listener really has to look out for any distinguishing feature of a track. There’s no doubting KoJi‘s musical or vocal ability, but there needs to be something more. Lyrically this record is great, but other than that it’s a generally average performance.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)