EP: Kill The Conversation – Farewell For The Last Time

Release Date: September 3rd, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/killtheconversation
Twitter: None available


Dorchester metallers Kill The Conversation introduce us to their latest offering, ‘Farewell For The Last Time’, with ‘Fold’. Starting with an ounce of melody in the guitar section, counteracted by the sample that rings out before the growled, forced vocals kick in, giving the track, well, not a lot. Without sounding demeaning, the vocal style is outdated and adds very little, if anything, to something that is already extremely heavy and hard to listen to.

It does sound as though the band are making an attempt to make something as heavy as physically possible, and that’s all well and good when there’s something there in addition other than a cocophany of noise and discordance.

‘Shattered Shell’ follows suit in a similar vein. Yeah, it’s heavy, but there’s nothing else that adds to the sound of the band and, without sounding like some sort of music production wanker, the vocals are way too high in the final mix of the record and the guitars are way too fair into the background too. The drop-z tuning probably doesn’t help matters though, in all fairness.

‘No More Fish In The Sea’ and ‘Blake’s Demise’ portray and possess all the characteristics of the first two tracks; typically metal chugs, tremolo alternate picking and grunts. I’m not quite sure if this is a case of nit-picking, but it does also sound like the vocalist is making a faux-attempt to fit in too many lyrics and words into the lines of the verses of the majority of the tracks on this record, adding to the messiness of the tracks as a whole.

Having not been able to enjoy the majority of this record, I am negatively positive for the concluding track, ‘City In Ruins’. The Lamb Of God-esque song title is unfortunately not an indicator of how the track goes. Although it’s slightly more melodic in comparison to the former tracks, the incoherent manner in which the vocalist persists on grunting and hitting what seems to be the lowest notes possible becomes tedious. I have heard worse, but I have definitely heard a lot better.

Written by L.E.D.