EP: Junior – JuniorLand

Release Date: October 16th 2015
Label: Ambition Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/musicofjunior
Twitter: www.twitter.com/musicofjunior


As it stands currently, Cardiff three-piece Junior are not yet on the tip of everyone’s tongue where the pop-punk community is concerned. With their new release ‘Juniorland’, however, this could change very soon. With this EP, Junior bring a fresh tone to the UK pop-punk scene; one that has not yet exploded quite as much as its Northern American cousin.

The release lacks the generic pizza party vibes that a lot of the scene has gathered recently, instead bringing forward obviously heartfelt lyrics that will compel any listener whilst still keeping the classic sound that any fan of the genre will love.

Junior also prove not only that they can compose the versatile yet upbeat songs that fill most of the EP, but that they can also create beautifully stripped back pieces, shown with mid-album acoustic track, ‘Lakeside’. The juxtaposition of this followed by the classic punk-edged ‘If I Had The Time, I’d Tell You I’m Not Sorry’ hits the listener hard in an “I’m upset and I’m also furious, so screw you” way that almost everyone can relate to.

The two things that Junior do best throughout ‘JuniorLand’, however, are the harmonies throughout songs such as ‘Anywhere But Here’ and the use of sampled speech. The harmonies give the EP a self-titled Blink-182 feel that is haunting in the best way, whilst the sampled speech simply helps to highlight the bones of the music.

Overall, Junior achieve what many bands in the scene could only hope to achieve; giving the listener what they want without sounding completely generic. It would certainly not be a surprise if the band exploded into the scene over the coming months ahead.

Written by Cherry Walker