EP: Invent, Animate – Native Intellect

Release Date: February 17th, 2014
Label: Tragic Hero Records
Website: www.inventanimate.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/inventanimate
Twitter: www.twitter.com/invent_animate


‘Native Intellect’ is the latest EP from Texan metalcore band, Invent, Animate. The band have recently signed over to Tragic Hero Records and, to celebrate this next big step in their career, have decided to release this mini EP for their fans as a result. They’re to release a full-length album in the near future.

They’ve had a promising response from their fanbase from these two songs, and rightfully so. ‘Native Intellect’, the EP’s opener and also its title-track, really expresses that each member from the band has come from different musical backgrounds. Each of their talents comes together on this track with bits in the song that are easier on the ears than other parts, but when it’s all together it sounds fantastic. There’s everything from hard rock riffs, to lighter guitar solos and drums that sound unstoppable.

The second song is ‘Courier’. At the beginning, this song sounds more industrial than the first and keeps the same style of mixing different musical styles. However, the band have shown that they’re definitely not a one trick pony by throwing an electro section of this song into the mix near the end. It really leaves the listener wanting more from the band, and they’re certain to gain at least a few new fans before they finally release their full-length to the world.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar