EP: Immension – Immension

Release Date: January 7th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.immensionofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/immension
Twitter: www.twitter.com/immension


Sheffield four-piece Immension certainly do wear their hearts on their sleeves. Throughout the three tracks on display here, it’s plainly obvious the band are trying to imitate their heroes, which isn’t unheard of for a fledgling band of their age. However, when there’s little to no creative spark to be heard otherwise, it’s harder to forgive.

The opening 30 seconds or so of first track ‘Shadow Of Yourself’ literally sounds like they belong to a different song, merely tacked on for the sake of having an intro section when heading straight in would serve the song better. From there on, it’s pretty much modern metal by numbers as the band display they’re more than capable of playing their desired material, technically speaking.

The commendable musicianship continues throughout the release, however, it’s a shame to see an obviously capable band record what is essentially a Bullet For My Valentine EP. All the trademarks of their idols are here; the double pedal drums, harmonized guitars and even heavier harmonized vocals. They do an okay job of the imitation, but that’s all it is. This has been done better many times before, and whilst there are many established acts that pay homage to their forefathers, this a whole other kettle of fish.

Final track, ‘In Vain’, brings the self-titled effort to a close and is the band’s attempt at the ‘epic closing song’. Once the track graduates into its up-tempo section, it’s another perfectly fine example of what the band are capable of, but the limp opening and middle eight sections are nothing to write home about.

Unfortunately, this is the sound of a band that have yet to find their own sound. Every young band goes through a period of being not much more than a cover act for their own favourite band, just not many decide to release an EP whilst still in that phase.

Written by Alex Garland