EP: I’ll Stay In Memphis – Hollow Earth, Vacant Body

Release Date: December 4th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.illstayinmemphis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/illstayinmemphis
Twitter: www.twitter.com/memphisuk


Manchester post-hardcore outfit, I’ll Stay In Memphis, have only been around since 2011 and their newest EP ‘Hollow Earth, Vacant Body’ comes out of the blocks instantly. The opening track ‘Ochrelung’ brings a barrage of sound that permeates your ears before you can even comprehend where you are or who the hell this band are.

It actually sounds like there’s so much going on in the first two songs here that you think there’s something wrong with your headphones and speakers. This is due to the expansive nature of this band’s overarching sound. The screams are visceral over the top of the chug and sweep guitars that would make Architects proud. The explosive sound that the band has drives them forward and you feel like they could be making waves in a genre built on band’s pretty much doing the same thing time after time (in a non-pejorative way, of course).

This band’s stuff doesn’t feel generic or typically hardcore. Yeah, there’s all the tropes that you’d expect and the heavy vocals aren’t anything different whatsoever, but there’s something about the energy here that is genuinely exciting.

There’s something inwardly interesting about the songs here too, a track like ‘Growhealer’ feels reminiscent of the best work of a band like blessthefall. Maybe it’s down to energy, or maybe it’s down to the spine tingling spirit that this band demonstrate on this release.

I’ll Stay In Memphis have produced in one swipe here an EP which feels positively volatile and, best of all, passionate. Not only does this band have a great name, but they really do have a bright future and you pray that they stay together, because there could be something special on the horizon if their next release has as much quality as this one.

Written by Greg Spencer