EP: I Am Abomination – Passion Of The Heist

Release Date: July 19th, 2011
Label: Good Fight Music
Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/iamabomination


I Am Abomination have returned to us with their third EP, ‘Passion Of The Heist’. The band have set up a chilling concept about alien abduction to get their fans caught up in a sci-fi side story whilst listening to what the band have created. This release is very similar to that of the ‘Zombie’ EP by The Devil Wears Prada. Alien abduction can be conceived as a form of elementary, dated sci-fi iconography, but it’s pretty safe to say that I Am Abomination have created something of which to change many people’s opinions on it.

The EP opens up with ‘Vivification’, which is effectively the introduction to both the album and the concept. We hear footsteps, heavy breathing and creepy music, later to hear screams and what seem to be the aliens of the story. Without knowing anything about the EP beforehand, the intro successfully sets up a mental image of the concept they’re creating and leads swifly into ‘Abduction’. The song blasts its way in with an excellent riff and decent melody to support it. The tempo in the song is continuously changing, preventing it from sounding repetitive and also keeps us on our toes.

‘Examination’ comes up next in the story and comes straight in with heaviness, creating quite a powerful set-up. The use of electronics are a lot more obvious in this song, and don’t necessarily go with the heaviness of the riff and numb the impact that they heaviness should be putting out there. However, the use of electronics continues to set up a science fiction-like feel to it, so it’s good to see them experimenting.

‘Transformation’ comes into play with a continuation of high energy and soaring riffs and managing to keep up with what they’ve supplied previously. The story also begins to develop a bit further as heard in lyrics like “I’ve risen from the dead and I’m not longer human”. ‘Ascension’ follows this up with probably one of the heavier songs on the EP with help from Attack Attack!‘s vocalist Caleb Shomo. The vocals between both Caleb and Phil Druyor work perfectly with one another and give the listeners a bit of a change from just Phil‘s. This song also shows the musicianship of Nick Sampson (guitarist), with a cutting edge solo to bring things to a close.

‘Invasion’ brings the story to an end with, well, an invasion. This is probably the heaviest song they have on the EP; they create a very post-apocalyptic atmosphere with both sound effects and faint choir in the background. This causes everything to seem darker than the other songs. The record comes to a close with repeating lyrics “nobody will survive” and a mysterious alien voice speaking to us directly informing every one of the end, effectively bring a close to the concept.

Written by Matthew Collins