EP: Hundredth – Resist

Release Date: March 25th, 2014
Label: Mediaskare Records
Website: www.hundredthworldwide.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hundredth
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hundredth


South Carolina hardcore heroes Hundredth storm forward with their latest raucous EP, ‘Resist’, bringing old school rawness and mellow melodies by the bucketful. With a couple of albums already under their belt, the band are coming into their own, experimenting with different sounds and styles.

‘Resist’ moves away somewhat from the thundering pace and vitriolic intensity of last year’s offering, ‘Revolt’, in favour of a more pensive approach. The songs on offer here sound a lot cleaner, with the distortion cast aside to produce a more sincere and earnest record.

This EP follows in the footsteps of Hundredth‘s previous work, with its profound messages of forward-thinking, challenging the norm and addressing a host of social and political issues. The most potent of these comes in the form of ‘Wage’, which takes a speech by peace activist, writer and lawyer, S. Brian Wilson, and lays a solemn, drum driven rhythm over the top. The heightened sense of expressiveness created by this makes for a truly poignant and effective message.

Despite the strongly worded and serious lyrics, Hundredth still manage to counterbalance them with upbeat and catchy instrumentalism where appropriate. ‘Shelter’ acts as a good example, with its uplifting sing-along chorus that adds a refreshing dash of diversity.

These Myrtle Beach natives have got modern hardcore down to a tee, incorporating and successfully implementing every aspect that you would come to expect of a successful band on today’s scene. ‘Resist’ is a potent EP, triumphant in both its message and execution.

Written by Ben Hammond