EP: HeWhoDares – HeWhoDares

Release Date: March 8th, 2012
Label: Ow Productions
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hewhodaresofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hewhodaresmusic


Blackpool is a place associated with many things, but in the past, metalcore has not been one of them. Six-piece HeWhoDares (who previously went under the moniker Season Of Chaos) are here to change that with their new self-titled EP.

Opening track, ‘James Bond Can’t Kill Zombies’ explodes into action with skull crushing riffs, accompanied by a destructive drum melee and incredible contrasting vocals, with screams that will both rip your ears apart and cleans that will piece them back together alternately.

Everyone and their dog claims to be melodic nowadays in the metal scene, but very rarely is it done as well as this. HeWhoDares are undeniably metalcore and heavy as you can hope for, but melody is there in abundance and brings a sense of fluency to this. Through which, we fall seamlessly into ‘Battle Scars’, running along the same lines as ‘James Bond…’, but with a more catchy, distorted screeching riff that will stick in your mind for days and a much more mellow approach to vocals. It simply oozes power and control throughout.

‘Save Yourself’ however is anything but mellow, comparable to Killswitch Engage at several intervals. The drumsticks appear to have been swapped for Thor’s hammer and Hellboy’s fist, surely the EP would have to end after this because the drumkit has taken one hell of a beating. The guitar riffs too are unforgiving, smashing into action, giving the listener little time to catch a breath. This is metalcore in its purest fashion and the dynamic shifts are absolutely flawless; pauses, thundering into high tempo noise collision, then power vocals. It’s almost Shinedown-esque, but with heavier instrumentals. This is most definitely the stand out track of the record, it has absolutely everything.

‘The Liar’ closes this EP and we wonder what’s left for HeWhoDares to bring to the table. While this is most definitely the weakest song of the EP, it brings that little something extra to the table. A much more mellow effort, an intro almost reminiscent of Yashin‘s ‘Stand Up’, but this is more of an outro to the release. Slick instrumentals and subtle vocals give us that little hint that while this EP is finished, it’s not over. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the Blackpool sextet.

Written by Gary Cassidy