EP: Heavy Heavy Low Low – Hospital Bomber

Release Date: August 6th, 2010
Label: Twelve Gauge Records
Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/heavyheavylowlow


Oh dear, oh dear. Heavy Heavy Low Low have always been a band who’ve steered clear of the path of meaningfulness and headed head first towards disturbing and weird. Their name is a good start to develop this basis on, and this impression only sinks deeper and faster upon each minute of their music your ears digest. ‘Hospital Bomber’ is their latest, and very possible final ever release, and thankfull it only totals up to just a few seconds under 5 minutes, which could be spent on something far more worthwhile, productive, and less painful.

The psychedellic and more thrash driven sound seen in their latest full-length ‘Turtle Nipple & The Toxic Shock’ is brought back once more and pushed straight its borders of extremes, borders that aren’t approached often for obvious reasons. Where before HHLL were kooky but enjoyable, the now 4-piece have become ridiculous without any sense or direction, leaving for a pointless and atrocious listen. Previous efforts ‘…Fuck It?!’ and ‘Everything’s Watched, Everything’s Watching’ saw them at their best, and their now just getting worse and worse at an expedential rate. It’s like they’re not trying to create anything of any amount of credibility anymore, but just creating material of obscurity for the sake of obscurity. To top of Robbie Smith‘s vocals have become more grating and inaudiable than ever before, almost to the point of torture. Seriously, it’d be cruel for even someone like Hitler to suffer through this for his unforgivable actions.

If you want to hear inaudiable, annoying noise with very minimal structure, or even want to know what Helen Keller would sound like if she were to front a heavy band then this is the closest interpretation you’ll be getting to it. If you find any enjoyment, please consider consulting a doctor for a medical examination.

Written by Zach Redrup