EP: Hawthorne Heights – Hurt

Release Date: September 18th 2015
Label: InVogue Records
Website: www.hawthorneheights.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hawthorneheights
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hawthornehgts


The face of noughties rock would be nothing without the likes of post-hardcore emos Hawthorne Heights. Without their punctual bursts of unclean vocals, pitiful whines of angst, turmoil and heartache, and hard thrusts of aggressive guitar, who knows where these post-hardcore bands of today would be? With their latest EP ‘Hurt’, Hawthorne Heights are back to show these new kids how it’s really done.

Slip this record on, sit back, close your eyes, and be transported back to the wonderful glory days of the ’00s; you can practically smell the Turkey Twizzlers in the air, and hear the impatient ‘nudge’ of an intense post-school MSN chat in the background. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll no doubt remember the days where you would slick on an unreasonable amount of eyeliner, backcomb your coon-tailed hair within an inch of its life and take selfies that consisted mostly of fringe with nothing but one singular eye creeping out from underneath. It’s also pretty likely that Hawthorne Heights‘ emo anthems were the soundtrack to your days. With ‘Hurt’, it’s like we’re reliving our youth and, when the dark mood and melancholic lyrics set in, it feels as though hardly a day has passed.

This is a band who could never be described as abandoning their genre or forgetting their roots; Hawthorne Heights have kept this angst-ridden ball rolling for the best part of 15 years now. ‘Common Crook’ and ‘Young Again’ are perhaps the EP’s lightest songs, with mellow pop hints and catchy choruses, but even then the downright depressing lyrics (“I open the dam and let the blood flow out”) take us right back to the dark side. ‘Beneath The Silver Strand’ and ‘Tail Lights’ are standard ’00s post-hardcore tunes that could’ve been plucked straight from the ‘The Silence In Black And White’ vaults.

It’s not a game changer. Hell, it’s barely even changer. But, for fans who haven’t quite shaken off their black skinny jeans and still feel like crying into their 3:00am cups of coffee, ‘Hurt’ is a match made in heaven.

Written by Sam Lawrie (@SamLawrie)