EP: Harry George Johns – Post-Breakdown Blues

Release Date: February 11th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/harrygeorgejohns
Twitter: www.twitter.com/harryjohnsrules


The debut EP from singer/songwriter Harry George Johns tells the musical tale of a troubled year. Coming with a moving backstory, detailing a homeless, jobless, single male living off of a friend. The blunt honesty is immediately apparent through the ‘Post-Breakdown Blues’ EP and its accompanying song titles. It’s a fresh, direct point of view which is seemingly lost in a world of lyrical metaphors and cloaking backing music.

‘Drink Myself To Sleep’ is a moving track, which carries a powerfully simplistic acoustic tone to it. Allowing the vocals to portray the emotions of the song, Harry George Johns gently strums his way into a song which, without surprise, is about drinking himself to sleep. However empty the lyrics may be, the song itself is a rather rewardingly full sounding piece. Aggressive vocals sections and quaint electronic additions make for an all round brilliant listen.

Despite ceasing to lay off the morose song titles, ‘Post-Breakdown Blues’ doesn’t come without its fair share of upbeat sing alongs. ‘Tie Your Own Noose’ puts the ‘blues’ in ‘Post-Breakdown Blues’; a driving, blissful, guitar introduction leads into an, albeit cynical, easily singable chorus. Showing off his vocal prowess, Harry George Johns isn’t afraid to tackle the gruff, raised vocals, adding an entirely different, energetic, ingredient into his music.

Ending on a potent love song, ‘Hospital Blues’ displays yet more of Harry George John‘s incredibly restful vocals. Somewhere between the humble guitar playing, gloomy lyrics and mellow tone lies a thought-provoking EP which, on each and every listen, manages to educate and impress. Its delicacy and passion are what make it stand out as not just another songwriter EP, but someone to look out for.

Written by Laurence Kellett