EP: Hardships – Too Fast To Slow Down

Release Date: November 23rd, 2012
Label: Speedowax Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hardshipsmosh
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hardships11


With an ever developing hardcore scene here in the UK, it’s exciting times for bands and listeners alike. So, going into the new EP of Leeds based hardcore unit, Hardships, titled ‘Too Fast To Slow Down’, there’s nothing short of anticipation. Armed with a clean slate of a new record and hardcore musical ability, surely Hardships have nothing to lose either.

Kicking off the record with the grim atmosphere, heavy instrumental, but somewhat abruptly ended ‘Sleep’, Hardships begin with what is quite frankly a pointless opener. That is soon quickly forgotten when ‘Judgement’ breaks the mould; a high pace, solid hardcore track with all the emotiveness and provocative nature that should come with a hardcore track.

Taking it up a notch with arguably the strongest track on the record, ‘Downfall’ picks up where its predecessor left off and then some. Throwing in gang vocals, high paced drum fills and a stomping breakdown to finish off, ‘Downfall’ sets the standard very early.

From here on out, the record doesn’t execute what it has left to offer effectively. ‘Uprising’ offers a bit of innovation with a minor guitar solo, as opposed to the generic breakdown. Finishing off the record, ‘Dethrone’ and ‘Re-born’, the band offer nothing less than you would expect from the early tracks, similar grim, pessimistic vibes and thick, down-tuned guitar work.

The band offer a valiant effort, but unfortunately nothing memorable after the third track, ‘Downfall’. ‘Too Fast To Slow Down’ literally is too fast to slow down, but perhaps being too fast makes the record sound extremely similar throughout. Time signatures that never quite changes and, although laudable, guitar work which never seems to innovate bar track four.

Hardships will without doubt grow with time and should have an eye kept on them. But, nevertheless, this effort is nothing more than admirable. Perhaps sometimes slowing down, even just a little bit, reaps benefits.

Written by Calv Robinson