EP: Hardships – Flat-Out

Release Date: March 31st, 2013
Label: Speedowax Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hardshipsmosh
Twitter: None avialable


‘Subliminal’ opens ‘Flat-Out’, the latest EP from Leeds hardcore outfit, Hardships, in the expected fashion; pacey and pummelling initially before dropping into the typical hardcore ‘beat’ that the kids with huge t-shirts and Gola shorts seem to like ‘dancing’ to. A far from inspiring start, as ‘Black Ice’ kicks in as cliche as physically possible before a quick little break that initiates a pretty sweet little guitar lick that unfortunately doesn’t set the tone for the remainder of the track.

I think the most irritating part of music like this is that ‘break’ that’s made up purely of drums and feedback and anybody that has been to a ‘hardcore’ show will know that this is the part in which the ‘he-men’ of the crowd begin swiping at people much to the amusement and pleasure of their less ‘confident’ peers.

‘Backdown’ holds no redeeming features. You know the score with ‘hardcore’ by now, riff, break, gang-shout followed by the ever so popular beat-down and, needless to say, I’m pretty stoked by the time that the final track ‘Hopeless’ comes out swinging in a truly limp style that I have reached the end without running head-first into my front door.

If this is music that’s ‘all about the mosh’, well, the mosh must be a very vapid, beige and fruitless place.

Written by L.E.D.