EP: Grove Street Families – The Las Venturas EP

Release Date: May 27th 2016
Label: Venn Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/grovestreetfamilies1992
Twitter: www.twitter.com/GSF1992


The wanton, sun-drenched destruction of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas universe may seem worlds apart from the mean streets of, erm, Southampton, yet the wickedly realized crossover thrash of GTA fanatics Grove Street Families will make you feel like donning a bandana, slipping on a knuckle-duster, and plunging fists first into a turf war.

With three tracks proper among a series of semi-humorous skits, ‘The Las Venturas’ EP is an outrageous ode to everything between Madball and Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer. From the ultra-frontin’ stomp of closing track ‘Right To Remain Violent’ and ‘Rest In Powers’ clattering pace, this is zero bullshit, big brash metallic hardcore from the very top tier.

Despite the entire affair clocking in at just over thirteen minutes, there’s more than enough personality and attitude here to put the majority of the band’s peers in the shade, and whether or not the idea of these UK upstarts and their self-styled ‘hoodcore’ seems absurd to you, the irresistible, floor punch aesthetic of Grove Street Families is stupidly exciting.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)