EP: Group Of Man – World Peace Champions

Release Date: January 20th 2017
Label: Holy Roar Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groupofman
Twitter: www.twitter.com/groupofmanband


‘World Peace Champions’ is the second helping that people get into the minds of Group Of Man; a fresh outfit consisting of former members from Hang The Bastard, Pariso, Mine, and Tempers Fray. So, just by looking at the line-up, you can already get a sense of what this band are going to be about.

Opener ‘A Weird Place’ has an opening lead guitar line that maybe is just shy of 30/45 seconds to long. The only thing this track is missing is vocals, which obviously was the intention, but without vocals it just feels like it’s missing something.

Following number ‘The Animal Mask’ means business from the get go. In this record you’ve got so much vocal diversity; one moment it can go from full Cancer Bats straight to Creeper style, with the occasional hint of Beastie Boys.

‘Aftercare’ is much of the same again. This EP gives off huge 90s thrash vibes. One line that is prominent throughout this track is “There’s no difference between love and sex”, and it very much feels like this song has been built around this line.

Bringing things to a close, ‘W.P.C.’, an obvious anagram of the EP’s title, this track is a definite finisher, with the band opting to save the best ’til last. It’s all out energy until we get to the back end of the song, where the build-up sounds very Creeper-esque, and then once it drops, we’re back to business as usual with the line “No peace” resorted ’til the EP cuts.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)