EP: Glamour Of The Kill – After Hours

Release Date: November 17th, 2014
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glamourofthekill
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gotk


York based metalcore upstarts Glamour Of The Kill haul in some big names on their fan-funded EP ‘After Hours’, full of big choruses, and all the right ingredients for that mainstream metal sound; pursuing the success of similar sounding heavy British bands like Bullet For My Valentine.

GOTK have been around since 2007 and, despite their likeable, easy listening sound, they’re yet to hit the big time. This may all be about to change if ‘After Hours’ is anything to go by. Big 80s style riffs are the lynchpins to the band’s sound, with a modern metal twist and lighter almost pop-like choruses, making for quite the catchy combination. ‘After Hours’ is a more aggressive take in songwriting, lacking some of the more pop-punk elements found in their 2013 album ‘Savages’, as well as their earlier work.

The boys pull in some big names to provide guest vocals on this EP. Escape The Fate‘s own Craig Mabbitt adds an extra dimension to the chunky riffs of ‘Earthquake’, while Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach fame has also been enlisted, lending his upbeat and instantly recognisable vocals to the insanely catchy ‘Out Of Control’. This is a song that’s likely to stick in your head and appear on your list of most played songs.

Glamour Of The Kill have maintained their pretty impressive level of instrumental ability, with the sweeping solo of ‘We Are All Cursed’ interspersed throughout the cascade of old-school-meets-new-school guitar work. With a release like ‘After Hours’, this ballsy foursome may finally be propelled into the limelight, generating their own brand of accessible metal for the masses.

Written by Ben Hammond