EP: Forever Can Wait – Beauty&Grace

Release Date: November 27th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/forevercanwait
Twitter: www.twitter.com/forevercanwait


There are very few musicians and bands that come to mind when you think of Southampton, other than R&B superstar of yore Craig David. Thanks to the likes of Takedown Festival, there’s definitely a desire for it in the Hampshire based city, and with budding up-and-comers Forever Can Wait certainly look to make a name for themselves with their new EP, ‘Beauty & Grace’.

Though still very young, with most members still in their early 20s, there’s a clear hunger for grand things and an ambitious nature that resonate through every pore of Forever Can Wait and this 6-track arsenal. Indeed, from the first few moments of the EP’s opener and title-track, the band’s sound is undoubtedly bold and towers at formidable heights.

‘Excuses’ is a clear single choice, so it made sense that the band opted for this as the EP’s flagship track. In this 4-minute offering, we’re delivered a snapshot of what this five-piece are all about. There’s blends of alt rock, some dashes of post-hardcore and a heart-on-our-sleeve sincere delivery that even bands who a more than three-fold into their career struggle to portray.

However, it’s ‘Rest’ that swipes the crown of the EP’s best track. It’s gritty, broody and the instrumention encases frontwoman Tash Crump‘s impressive and emotive vocal delivery and packs that extra punch. Indeed, what we see here is the band’s true potential, who remind us of an early-era VersaEmerge crossed with Mallory Knox but with a bit more bite. It’s also the one moment through the EP that we see some male vocal involvement, something that the band might want to look into including a bit more in their future releases.

Despite only a few years into their career, Forever Can Wait definitely hold the potential to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their currently more successful and notable peers in the genre. With a slightly more honed craft, the towering heights of their guitars and general tip-toeing into areas of more epic proportions could really come into their own. Keep an eye on these guys (and gal).

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)