EP: For Today – Prevailer

Release Date: April 2nd, 2013
Label: Razor & Tie
Website: www.fortodayband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortoday
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fortodayband


The Iowan metalcore quintet For Today‘s fifth release, ‘Prevailer’, is nothing short of addictive. The EP opens with ‘From Zion’, which immediately builds suspense, with a smooth crescendo that evolves into powerful, anthem-like screaming. The band starts off the EP in a powerful and catchy fashion. With a sing-along chorus already in the midst, the listener is nothing but excited to hear more.

Following such a song would be difficult to do without disappointing, but here the band do anything but that. ‘Crown Of Thorns’ continues the EP, showing off the talent of the band in raising anticipation with a brief intro and then releasing the rest of the song. Both the screaming and clean vocals are very good and work so well together.

The next song, ‘Flesh And Bones’, continues to raise the EP to another level. The song is so powerful and written with such skill. As soon as the song begins, it’s hard not to smile. Straight away the balance between the vocals and the instruments is perfect. With a mix between bits that would get a crowd moshing, and bits that would get them singing, the song is an example of how when the balance is right. Moreover, it’s important to acknowledge the skill lyrically as well as musically. The lyrics are moving, and the music is refreshing.

‘Open Heaven’ is perhaps one of the harder songs of the EP. It pours with emotion and passion as well as being slightly more experimental with a very brief, almost gothic-choral like break in the middle to keep it interesting.

This massive song very eagerly leads onto the acoustic ‘Fearless’, to close the EP. This song is heart-wrenching and truly shows the talents of the band, vocally and musically. With the simplicity of acoustic guitar, some percussion and clean vocals, the song really shows a new side to the band. Although the most calm off the EP, there’s something which makes this song stand out so beautifully. It is somehow at times vocally reminiscent of Dance Gavin Dance circa 2009.

Overall, the ‘Prevailer’ EP is incredibly impressive. Filled with the more fiery hardcore angles along with catchy choruses and a toned down acoustic song, For Today have put together something that they should be very proud of.

Written by Orla Conway