EP: F.O.E.S. – Antecedence

Release Date: July 10th 2015
Label: Crooked Noise Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fallofeverysparrow
Twitter: www.twitter.com/f_o_e_s


Sure, the internet may have its flaws; not everybody prefers to be intrusively surveyed by the NSA or harassed by pop-up ads on a daily basis, but it’s thanks to this current age of connectivity that flourishing young outfits such as Liverpool’s F.O.E.S. (which, if you wanted to know, stands for Fall Of Every Sparrow) can attain widespread recognition and escape from slipping under the radar.

The band’s latest release, ‘Antecedence’ picks up right where its predecessor left off, and refines every aspect of the group’s infectious wash of razor sharp riffs and soaring melodic hooks. F.O.E.S. appear to have mastered the domain of the short release, delivering a successful run of releases that are engaging and hard hitting upon every emotional level.

The monumental ‘Rival Thrones’ kicks things off and is straight in to absorb listeners in its haunting cinematic soundscape. The track juxtaposes chunky heavy hitting riffs with sleek ambient runs to create an enthralling start. What is immediately evident is the huge step up in production from 2014’s ‘Ophir’. Its enhanced production works to create an experience that is significantly more climactic and immersive.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the mesmerizingly beautiful ‘El Punumbra’; a track which adopts a more melancholic and lyrical focus. The track retains the bold atmospheric feel of its predecessors without relying on heavy distorted riffs, adding a new dimension and giving the EP a real sense of depth.

The record grinds to a halt with ‘No Sleepers Verse’, a delicate and poignant number that progresses over the course of its near six-minute duration. Frontman Chris Mackrill‘s aching vocals weave gently in and out as a bed of delayed guitars and lumbering percussion gradually evolves behind him.

F.O.E.S. appear to have evolved into an entity able to soar the very peak of their musical capabilities. Despite being released just a year after its predecessor, ‘Antecedence’ is superior in every aspect, and arouses a great deal of excitement for the impending release of their debut full-length album.

Written by Kieran Harris

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