EP: Fizzy Blood – Feast

Release Date: June 22nd 2015
Label: DMF Digital
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fizzyblood
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fizzybloodmusic


Last year, with just one single to their name, Fizzy Blood toured with the likes of punk legends The Dead Kennedys, and graced the Jagermeister stage at Download Festival. Debut single ‘January Sun’, premiered on BBC Radio 1 and received a warm reception upon release due to its eastern flavored melodies and ferocious shouts.

‘Feast’ sees no dull moments, housing a whole spectrum of influences across its 6-track duration. Kicking things off with a bang, the Leeds based upstarts have delivered a compelling debut with this EP, amassing the sounds of indie rock and brash post-hardcore.

The aforementioned ‘January Sun’ initiates with a sharp rhythmic groove laced with sleek melodic hooks, before exploding into much heavier territory. The gritty vocal shouts in the latter half are pleasingly familiar, bearing a strong likeness to Enter Shikari frontman, Rou Reynolds.

‘Cue To Leave’ takes a much free-flowing and atmospheric approach then its heavy groove laden counterparts, but remains incredibly engaging. The only real criticism is that the track breaks up the flow, leading listeners to believe that it’s the EPs finale with its beautifully cascading a capella.

That being said, ‘Queen Of Hearts’ succeeds in being a fitting end to the record, embracing more of a pop-rock quality and pushing Fizzy Blood‘s stylistic boundaries. It’s not long before the shimmering hooks are dismissed and we’re thrown back into familiar territory. The track exudes a heavy influence of pop-punk favourites You Me At Six, and rounds things off with a welcomed contrast.

‘Feast’ demonstrates heaps of talent and potential for an outfit that has existed just over a year. Although it may not be awfully polished and at times lacks flow, it succeeds in providing listeners with a taste of what will likely be one of their new favourite bands.

Written by Kieran Harris