EP: Fei Comodo – The Life They Lead

Release Date: May 28th, 2011
Label: Small Town Records
Website: www.feicomodo.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/feicomodo


You may recognise Fei Comodo; they wrote the theme song for ‘Mighty Moshin’ Emo Rangers’. They also gained a lot of attention from their first EP, ‘They All Have Two Faces’. The Essex quintet has surely been busy, touring the country supporting the likes of InMe and Blessed By A Broken Heart. But somehow amidst their hectic schedule, they found the time to release another EP, ‘The Life They Lead’.

Writing an EP is a lot harder than it seems. A full-length studio album has about a dozen songs, some of which may be below standard and, quite frankly, a bit shit, but you have plenty of opportunities to make up for it later on. With an EP, you only have 4 or 5 songs. If one of them sucks, then that’s about a quarter of your release that sucks.

I can safely say, none of the songs on this EP suck, far from it in fact. ‘The Life They Lead’ is a short, 4-song long experience that leaves you craving for more. They sound like A Day To Remember mixed with InMe mixed with a lot of Red Bull and cocaine. Each song is full of an upbeat ferocity, an odd combination, but it really works.

Take ‘A Man Left Behind’, from just the first bar you’re already in the mood to get up and hardcore dance around the room. But then, the mood switches to a My Chemical Romance-esque sob-fest of a chorus and then it storms to a breakdown that rivals that of Architects. They manage to write these varied songs without coming across as experimental or pretentious.

They are refreshingly British too. Most British bands, for some reason, tend to adopt an American accent, like Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine. Or they go the other way with it and completely over do the accent, like that whiny Kate Nash. However, lead singer Marc Halls embraces his accent and uses it to his advantage to bring colour and character to the overall sound of Fei Comodo.

If you’re a fan of the more melodic side of the hardcore scene then go buy this album, and support a band that are just getting noticed. That way when they make it big, you can say you liked them from the start. Watch this space, Fei Comodo are finally going places.

Written by Andy Roberts