EP: Fearless Vampire Killers – Bruises

TRACK-BY-TRACK: Fearless Vampire Killers - Bruises
London's Fearless Vampire Killers spoke with us about 'Bruises' to flesh out the record more, learn what it's all about, and get an inside look into the mini-album.

Release Date: October 23rd 2015
Label: Goremount Records
Website: www.fearlessvampirekillers.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fvkillers
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fvkillers


The year of 2015 has brought big things for the fresh-faced quintet, Fearless Vampire Killers, homing in from Suffolk; from playing the Zippo Encore stage at Download Festival, to being the first ever band appearing at London’s Comic Con announcing their comic book, ‘The Vigilante’, whilst also seeing their album ‘Unbreakable Hearts’ reach its first birthday. It’s been a tightly compacted eleven months. But the self-proclaimed ‘death pop’ outfit somehow found time to record and release a mini-album, entitled ‘Bruises’.

It’s not often years pass and a band don’t dramatically change their sound whilst also moving up on the overall ‘wow’ factor, but ‘Bruises’ is a beautiful six-tracked effort that incorporates both the roots of ‘Unbreakable Hearts’, mixed in with a touch of ‘Militia Of The Lost’ amongst new elements. Metaphorically, it’s much alike following a recipe to the exact measurement, but at the very end chucking in a few ingredients and blowing caution to the wind, yet it still comes out tasting as it should.

With opening track, ‘Feel Alive’, kick-starting our heartbeats with the introducing drum beat, Kier Kemp‘s vocals brush away any habouring cobwebs, just solidifying that Fearless Vampire Killers have a name to stamp onto the foreheads of anyone who will listen. When whimsical riffs are brought forth in ‘Stepping Stones’, and snake down into the ear canals, there’s a following linger of something My Chemical Romance-y that alludes forth. It’s unsurprising given both bands’ similarities in lyrical content, but what is surprising is how much the track will stay with you for hours to come; there’s no chance of escaping the whispering fingers grabbing onto your cerebrum on that part.

Ending on a note of ‘Aging Love’, eloquently paired musical components alongside the message being conveyed lyrically sends images of saying goodbye to a lover flooding into the imagination. But what’s fantastic about each individual track is how within the range of three to four minutes they somehow tell a separate story. It’s quite magical on a whole.

In conclusion, if you like a consistent feeling of being lulled into a bed of blankets and being told stories in the deepest of forms, ‘Bruises’ will suffice that want and need. Having different glimpses of theatrical rock piled amongst the classic elements in all good, sturdy rock albums it’s a staple must-listen in bringing this year to a close.

Written by Rayne Peck (@trappedoldways)